Saturday, 9 April 2016

Make money quickly from home - Forum posting on - Review & payment proof

Need some cash? Want to quit your day job? Can't work traditional hours?

How often do you make long comments on Facebook or Youtube without even thinking about it. With, you can earn cash in just a couple of hours. All that's needed is an internet connection, good English & grammar skills, dedication and versatility to speak on different subjects. 

After sifting through the internet looking for work from home, I came across Now, don't get me wrong, PostLoop was good to me! They allowed me to earn a little extra cash during the week for posting to forums that I enjoyed visiting. Topics such as celebrity gossip, blogging, futuristic tech, health - I loved chatting with other forum members.

A few months in I did start to notice a decline in quality of how the website was run. Everyday almost I would receive an email letting me know that a few of the forums were no longer running...or were now running etc. And I was finding it hard to get "work" and earn enough to make ends meat at home, with bills, groceries etc. It was becoming stressful and I began looking for full-time work. 

How did start? 

My favorite forum owner's websites were banned on PostLoop due to a member spamming their websites which were my main earners. It sucked! Thankfully, the owner emailed active writers asking to continue business without Postloop as the middle-man. That is how came to be, a company looking to go beyond what PostLoop has done & improve their faults. 

Does really pay? Are they a scam?

Working with this website has given me the chance to work from home and earn up to $50 a day, no longer stressing about bills and food money. It's only just started in 2016, but rest assure it is a legitimate company with an experienced owner, and YES it does pay. I was disheartened to read some posts on a money making forum that claimed might be a scam, that it doesn't pay and people should stay clear of it. I have watched this website grow from its very start and that isn't true in the slightest. 

You can get paid via google wallet, paypal or Xoom and I will provide some payment proof for you below! Keep in mind they are now contenvania rather than forumfreelancer:

As I have mentioned, ContenVania is a new website, so there maybe hiccups along the way, new features will probably be added in time etc. I endorse this company 100% as it gives forum owners and blogs the chance to have real people discuss topics in their comments section or threads, and gives writers the chance to build experience in content writing & forum posting while earning far more than its competitors are offering

I have been working alongside other members since the start of 2016 and I am now a higher level writer. You move up the ranks as a writer and can earn as much as $0.20 per forum post! That really adds up after a couple hours of posting! It's worth checking out our Contenvania blogs and forum to found out more! 

To sign up as a writer and get paid today follow this link: <- Clickaroo!

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